How it works

At Bounc-e, we are here to help everyone make the switch to electric. The main routes are to make the move to an EV privately, as a company car, or via a salary sacrifice scheme through an employer.

Salary Sacrifice

A salary sacrifice arrangement is an agreement to reduce an employee’s entitlement to cash pay, in return for a non-cash benefit. Vehicles are available via such schemes under current HMRC regulations, along with other products such as childcare and bicycles.

In exchange for staff members agreeing to sacrifice a proportion of their salary, the company provides them with an EV company car. They will be required to pay income tax on the benefit in kind of the vehicle – although the amounts are negligible.

Bounc-e wants to make a positive impact, working towards a greener future, so we offer exclusively electric vehicles for the salary sacrifice  scheme. We believe we must all accept that, in order to reach or exceed our net zero targets, we must make a change. This is one of the biggest  contributions we can make to a sustainable future, and we want to help everyone have the  ability to make a positive contribution. Our aim is to make the transition into Electric  Vehicles simple, painless and hopefully,  enjoyable. We are coming with you on this  journey, every step of the way.

How Salary Sacrifice works for businesses

You’re committed to Net Zero, but you’re still trying to figure out exactly how to get there, so let us help. We’ve done all the legwork and all the potential solutions are right here for you. Get yourself an electric vehicle and open up the opportunity to all your staff as a no-cost business benefit.

Salary Sacrifice schemes have the potential  to deliver significant National Insurance  Savings. They are low (or no) cost to set up. They encourage your work force out of ‘grey fleet’ vehicles and contribute positively to your  business’ environmental goals and CSR policy.  They might constitute an added bonus to  current and potential employees which may help staff retention and be part of making your  business a better place to work, and perhaps  help you recruit new staff.

Benefits to the company:

  • Reduced Fleet Costs
  • Tax Savings
  • HMRC Compliant
  • Cost Neutral Scheme
  • Company Image
  • Great Staff Benefit, enhance retention and attract the best talent
  • Reduce Risk
  • Promote your company’s environmental credentials
  • Measure your success with specific, anonymised data
  • Flexible ownership options
How Salary Sacrifice works for employees

You want to own an electric vehicle, we understand it’s a big change. With Bounc-e, you can pay using a salary sacrifice scheme, so it costs you less. You also get a comprehensive app which will help you with every stage of the switch to electric. Our app will tell you everything you need to know about EVs (Electric Vehicles) and how they work.

Salary sacrifice is an arrangement set up between you and your employer where you agree to a reduction in your salary (a sacrifice) in return for a non-cash benefit, in this instance a brand-new Electric Vehicle. This has the direct benefit of you receiving a saving on Tax and National Insurance, and it enables your employer to reduce their operation’s  carbon footprint too. It is the way we anticipate most people will use to transition into EVs. We will take all the strain out of setting up the agreements too. Just relax and work out which EV suits you best.

Benefits as an employee:

  • Brand new, low price, Electric Vehicles
  • High Spec cars
  • Tax Savings
  • Lower Fuel Costs
  • Fully Maintained contracts
  • Breakdown Cover included
  • Lower carbon footprint
  • Simple process
  • No Credit Checks