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We need a new word for Petrolhead

I’ve always loved cars and would happily call myself a petrolhead, but now I drive an electric car so what are electric car people called?

Sparknut? Voltcolt? Plugthug?

I used to love the roar of a good engine – and I suppose lots of people always will – but now I kind of cringe. Some racer at the lights gunning their engine has never been impressive, but now they’re a bit old school too, don’t you reckon?

Every time you gun your engine, you’re spewing carbon emissions into the atmosphere. Vroom, vroom just means cough, cough for anyone nearby.

I know some people pride themselves on telling one brand from another by the sound of the ignition and that’s fine, but we’re supposed to be saving the planet. 

What’s the point in committing to accelerate the transition to net zero if you’re going to keep up the old habits?

So I reckon we need a new word for petrolhead, something cool, something tech, something that shows you appreciate good design and style while you’re going green…

What do you reckon?

(Incidentally, I’ve driven a lot of cool cars in my career and I’ve never had people try to race me as much as they do when I’m in my EV. It’s like they have to prove petrol/diesel cars are better and mine is slow and pathetic. It’s not. It’s fast as ****.)