Hello from Bounce

We’re a new company that is nuts about Electric Vehicles and all the advantages they bring. For individuals, for organisations and for all our futures. We’re here to make the transition to EV as seamless as possible for you, your colleagues and your organisation. ​Quite simply we’ve got the expertise – it’s what we do. We’ve done all the logistics and set up. We will do all the organising for you. In fact we’re with you for the entire journey. ​We will do all the infrastructure, vehicle provision as well as service and maintenance for you.​

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Why Bounc-e?

The bottom line is we love EVs and we want to make a difference in the Global fight against climate change. We know we can get you as excited about EVs as we are, we are quite an excitable bunch!

We have no brand loyalty.

All cars are equal in our eyes (as long as they are EVs) and we just want to see you in the best car for your needs

We have all the EVs for you to look at

Don’t spend weeks searching through various different data bases we have them all comfortably on one site.

We do all the leg work for you.

Pick a car and we make it happen. We do all the paperwork and account set up.

There are no hidden costs with us.

What we quote is what you pay.

Help lead the way for ZEVs (Zero emission vehicles)

Be a part of the UK reaching its target for getting lower emissions and better air quality.

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